Sadie and the Snowman

Sadie and the Snowman by Allen Morgan. Illustrated by Brenda Clark.

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Sadie and the Snowman is a book about a young girl who shows a lot of determination and perseverance. Sadie builds and rebuilds a snowman over an entire winter that keeps melting. Sadie and her snowman become special friends, and she wants to find a way to keep her new friend around through the warmer months. Read on to see if Sadie figures out how to keep her snowman until winter comes back.

We selected a few activities to do with your young readers. In our experience, one or two activities are enough to keep your child engaged after the story, so we recommend that you only pick one or two activities listed.

Book and Activity Benefits: 

  • Listening
  • Practice Cutting
  • Following Instructions
  • Movement and Strength
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Braiding
  • Learning to take care of someone or something you care about


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 Snowman Thumbprint Bookmark

Idea inspired by Glued to my Crafts.

  • One 2” X 9” piece of blue craft foam
  • White Tempera paint
  • Orange Tempera paint
  • A paintbrush with a very thin/small brush on it
  • A black marker
  • A brown marker
  • White yarn or macramé cord
  • Glitter, glitter glue or glitter pens (in the color of your choice)
  • Glue (if you are using regular glitter)
  • Scissors
  • A hole punch
  • A paper plate for holding the paint


Click Here for instructions with pictures

  1. Cut a 2- inch X 9-inch piece of blue craft foam.
  2. Put some of the white tempera paint on a paper plate. Dip your thumb in the paint on the plate and thumbprint three times on the craft foam. Do this several times on your craft foam, so you have at least three snowmen on the craft foam.
  3. Set aside to dry (I placed mine in front of a fan, and it took about 30 minutes to completely dry).
  4. While your bookmark is drying, you can make the braided tassel to go at the top of the bookmark.
  5. To make the braided tassel: Take two – 12-inch pieces of yarn/cord.
  6. Lay both pieces of yarn next to each other and match them up, so they are even with each other.
  7. Fold the matched pieces of yarn in half and then tie a loop in the top.
  8. Hook your loop onto something to anchor it while you braid it, a doorknob, a hanging hook, etc. We used a paint bottle top. Separate one string to each side and two strings down the middle.
  9. Braid your bookmark tassel. Keep doing this until you are to the bottom of the tassel.
  10. When you reach the bottom tie a knot in the tassel. Trim the ends so they are even. Then your tassel is ready to add to your bookmark when you are done.
  11. When your bookmark snowmen are dry, take your bookmark and add snowflakes around the snowmen.
    1. If you are using regular glitter
      1. Place your bookmark on a piece of paper.
      2. Make crisscross marks that resemble snowflakes with your glue and then sprinkle glitter over the glue.
      3. Shake the excess glitter off on the paper.
    2. If you are using glitter glue or glitter pens for snowflakes, just add the crisscross marks and let dry.
  12. Decorate Your Snowman
    1. Add arms with the brown marker
    2. Add eyes, mouth, buttons and a hat with the black marker
    3. Add a carrot nose with orange tempera paint. Put a small amount of paint on the paper plate. Dip the end edge of the paintbrush in the paint and press the edge down on the area that you want the nose to be. (all it takes is to touch the craft foam once or twice. You do not have to push hard. I did mine at an angle so it would point to the side)
    4. Punch a hole in the top of your bookmark and thread the tassel through it.
    5. Place your bookmark aside to dry completely.
    6. After drying your bookmark is ready to use. Enjoy your snowmen bookmark!


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Snowman Twirling Mobile 

Supplies needed

  • White cardstock
  • Two copies of the twirling mobile page.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A hole punch
  • Colors
  • Markers
  • Four pieces of White yarn/cord. Each piece should measure seven inches long.


Click Here for instructions with pictures.

  1. Print two copies of the twirling mobile page on white cardstock
  2. In the circles with the snowman bodies, have your child “make a snowman” with colors and markers. On one page, they will color the front of the snowman, and on the other page, they will color the back of the snowman.
    1. Your children can color the three snowmen exactly like Sadie made them in the book or in their own way.
      1. Instructing your children to decorate the snowman as Sadie did reinforces following directions.
      2. Allowing your children to draw the snowmen as they wish encourages creative thinking.
  3. Cut each circle out and match the backs and fronts together.
  4. Put glue on the blank side of one of the snowman circle. Place the other side of the snowman on top of the glue.
    1. Make sure both sides are facing upwards. You do not want the front of the snowman facing up and the back facing sideways or upside down.
  5. Let your snowmen dry, and then trim them around the uneven edges.
  6. Punch one hole in the top and the bottom of the Sadie and the snowman top circle and the next two snowman circles.
  7. Punch one hole in the top of the circle that will be your last snowman on the mobile.
  8. Take a 7-inch piece of white yarn/cord and thread it through the top hole to make a hanging loop for the mobile. Tie it in a knot and then tie it in a bow. Trim the ties hanging from the bow to the length you prefer.
  9. Take another piece of yarn/cord and attach the 2nd snowman to the top piece. Keep tying each piece to the piece above with the yarn until you have three snowmen hanging from the top circle.
  10. You are finished and ready to hang your mobile. Enjoy watching your snowmen twirl around!


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Build a Bird Feeding Snowman

For our activity, we are going out in the snow to build a snowman that doubles as a bird feeder. If this is your first time making a snowman read Sadie’s instructions at the beginning of the book on how to make the body of the snowman.


  • Snow
  • Something edible to use for eyes, nose, and mouth of the snowman – carrot, peanuts, raisins. In the wintertime, birds love peanuts in their shells. Peanuts and peanut butter provide fat for them to help keep them warm.
  • Something edible to use as snowman buttons – crackers, oranges cut in half, suet already made (found at your local gardening store).
  • A hat (one that looks like a baseball hat)
  • A scarf. Birds will take yarn from scarves and use it to build their nests.
  • Two twigs or little branches for the arms
  • Birdseed


  1. Build your snowman.
  2. Add the edible eyes, mouth, nose, and buttons.
  3. Put the scarf around its neck.
  4. Add branches or twigs for arms.
  5. Take the baseball cap and place it on top of the snowman’s head, make a dip in the hat on top and fill it with birdseed. Now you can watch your snowman feed the birds.

Fake Snow

For those of you that do not have snow, below we have provided a fake snow recipe with which you and your kiddos can play. It is a bunch of fun (but not something to make an edible snowman out of).


  • 6 cups Baking soda
  • 1 cup fragrance-free hair conditioner (make sure it is fragrance-free! we used regular conditioner the first time we made this, and the smell was too strong.
  • A large container ( we use a clear see-through tote, 40 X 20 X 6 inches with a lid so we could store it for a few days and not have to make more)


  1. Mix all of the ingredients by hand until it is at the consistency you want.  If you want to add more conditioner to make it less fluffy, add a little bit at a time. A little goes a long way.
  2. I also double the recipe so that my grandchildren have plenty of snow to play with in my huge container.
  3. Play in the snow. Instead of the activity above, you can play with cars in it or dig up coins with construction equipment and count them.
  4. After three days, throw it away in the trash can.


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Milk Bottle Donut Snowman

Idea inspired by Mom Endeavors.

Aren’t these a cute little idea from Mom Endeavors? We love these little guys because you can prepare them ahead of time or make them with your child after reading the story. They would also be a fun, delicious breakfast on any winter morning.


  • Milk Bottles – I bought mine at Walmart. They were beside the Mason jars. You can find them on Amazon also if you search for “glass milk bottles.”
  • Mini Powdered Donuts
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • If you do not want to use the mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth of the snowman, buy a tube of dark icing.
  • Mini York Peppermint Patty
  • Baby carrots
  • Milk
  • A piece of cloth 1 1/2 inch wide by 12 inches long
  • Straws


  1. Cut the cloth and tie it around the neck of the bottle so it looks like a scarf.
  2. Melt 1/4 cup chocolate chips in a double boiler or the microwave for 30 seconds at a time. (Watch them carefully because they melt quickly, and they will burn quickly).
  3. Turn the bottles sideways.
  4. When the chocolate chips are melted, use them to stick the York Peppermint Patties on the outside of the glass milk bottle for the snowman’s buttons. I used a spatula to spread the melted chocolate on the mini and then stuck it on the bottle. You can also use a cake decorating bag to put the chocolate on the bottles.
  5. Keep the bottles on their sides while the chocolate dries (if you keep it upright the buttons slide down the bottle). It takes about 15 minutes before they are completely dry.
  6. While your buttons are drying, you can decorate your donut snowman faces. Press Mini chocolate chips in the donut for the eyes and mouth, and push a baby carrot into the donut hole for the nose.
    1. For the eyes and mouth, I poked holes in the donut with a toothpick first and then inserted the mini chocolate chips. You may decide at this point to use the icing for the eyes and mouth of the snowman instead of the chocolate chips.
  7. After the snowman “buttons” are dry, fill the bottles with milk, add a straw in the bottle and place the donut on top of the bottle. The straw will help support the snowman head until the kids eat and drink their snack.